Auditions and Scholarships

Musica in Villa a Varese



Following the idea to offer the students the best opportunities to improve their musical education, Musica in Villa will organize some auditions to choose the soloist singer who will play with the orchestra during the final concert, on Sunday 26th of July.

The auditions will take place at the presence of an artistic commettee, made of the teachers of the courses.



Allegato di posta elettronica_2Studying is expensive. Studyind music is a hard economic task for a family.

With the aim to help the study and the participation to che courses, the Association Italico Splendore has approved  four scholarships dedicated to the summer course students.

Scholarship “Isabella Chiechi Andriani” – value € 250 – for one student of strings courses

Scholarship “Federico Allegro” – value € 250 – for one student

Scholarship “Italico Splendore” – value € 250 – for one student

Scholarship “Rephael Judith Meller” – value € 250 – for one israelian student

The scholarships awarding will be decided and approved by Italico Splendore and will be communicated, with a ceremony, during the final concert of Sunday 26th of July.