Musica in Villa a Varese


Following the idea to offer the students the best opportunities to improve their musical education, Musica in Villa will organize some auditions to choose the soloists who will play with the orchestra during the final concert, on Sunday September 2nd, at 6.00 p.m.

The auditions take place on Wednesday 28th august, at the presence of an artistic commettee, made of the teachers of the courses.


A. Vivaldi – Concert for 2 violins e 2 cellos and strings RV 564 in Re maggiore

G. Ph. Telemann – Concerto per viola e archi in sol maggiore TWV 51:G9

A. Vivaldi – Concerto n.3 in Re maggiore op. 10 “Il Gardellino” per Flauto ed Orchestra

A. Vivaldi – Concerto in Re minore per fagotto e archi RV 481