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Musica in Villa a Varese

In the amazing context of XVII century Liceo Musicale. The event was born simply as a course of musical masterclasses, and, starting from this year, it has been renewed in its substance, adding to the traditional summer musical courses some concerts that will represent a real Musical Festival.

The idea comes from the desire to put together the beauties of italian art: painting, architecture and music. Liceo Musicale represents all these things and music that will sound in its rooms and in its gardens, will be the best way to live in the world of art and to make live again the ancient splendor of a royal residence.

In the section “Festival” of the site you can consult the calendar of the concerts that will be performed on Sundays afternoon in the hall of the Villa, that are for the public a sort of itinerary, towards the week of musical masterclasses.

On September 1st, Villa della Regina will be joined by many young students of the masterclasses, that will make resound for a week the rooms and the gardens. The courses are organized for young graduated, conservatory students and for all  who want to dedicate to music an intense study-week, full of concerts, friendship, social life. Low costs, high level of teaching quality, and the opportunity to perform every evening, make “Musica in Villa” a date of national importance.

Italico Splendore is proud to present to the public the 2019 edition of “Musica in Villa”!